Get your website or web based application 100% compliant and certified. We’ll audit your code, help you get compliant, and officially certify your website, browser based software, or mobile app as digitally compliant, per the federally-established Section 508 as well as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

ABILITY provides a full suite of accessibility services to ensure that all of your digital assets are always accessible.


Multimedia Conformance

Video & Audio Transcripts

Complement your audio and video content with accurate transcriptions so users can follow along in the format of their choice.


Convey the aural details of your videos including dialogue, sounds like laughter, and more to users with hearing disabilities.


Describe your video’s visual content so viewers who are blind or have a visual impairment will have the contextual information they need.

Digital Document



Give an in-depth analysis of how your website’s accessibility meets the revised Section 508 standards to stay on top of federal regulations and prospective contracts. 

PDF Remediation

Ensure your downloadable content like PDFs are accessible to screen readers and incorporate necessary components like alt text, proper tab order, and more. 

Word Doc Remediation

Provide accessible Word documents and make sure that all of your documents, not just PDFs, meet accessibility compliance standards.

Free Website

Accessibility Analysis

Meet with our Accessibility Specialists and get your free website accessibility analysis. We’ll provide you with helpful information and reports on your website to determinte the best options based on your goals.

Grow Your Agency

with Digital Accessibility

ABILITY provides a full suite of accessibility services for Digital Agencies.