Digital Accessibility Conformance

Auditing & Certification

ABILITY’s can independently audit and certify your website or software for digital accessibility conformance. We help you get your website or software compliant then certify it when it meets accessibility guidelines.

Auditing and Certification includes:

  • A Multi-Audit Human Led Process that replicates actual users processes conducted by ABILITY’s in-house team of accredited Accessibility Experts.

  • 100% Code Level Conformance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for your website or software.

  • Litigation Support We will review all claims made against you for validity and provide supporting evidence to refute or defend against those claims.

  • Detailed Reports and Unlimited Support that detail which WCAG A/AA and Section 508 Guidelines are in violation and pinpoints exact code needing updates.

  • Ongoing Compliance Management for maintaining compliance over the long-term, maximizing accessibility, and mitigating litigation.

No compliance knowledge required! 

Our platform and reports are designed to guide any web developer to compliance.

Since accessibility compliance often requires a unique approach for each website or software, our certification process starts with a free strategy call with our accessibility experts. During that time we can answer any question you might have.

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