Certification of WCAG Compliance, Level A and AA


This digital certificate confirms that [domain] was audited and certified as WCAG compliant (level A and AA) on [date-certified].

What This Means

By being independently audited and certified compliant,
[domain] has signified their personal values and stressed the importance of making their website accessible to everyone, including those who may be using assistive device software to interpret their services. Certification of compliance is a good-faith effort to ensure proper steps are taken to make the internet more equitable for people of all abilities.

Digital Accessibility

The independent audit and certification of compliance confirms that the website meets the standards set forth by WCAG, including levels A and AA. Digital accessibility requires an ongoing effort to maintain compliance. This means that a website or software may temporarily slip out of compliance. If you feel like part of [domain] is not accessible please contact us.

About Online ADA

Online ADA is a international leader in digital accessibility.

We provide independent 3rd-party audits and certifications of WCAG and Section 508 Compliance to municipalities, governments, non-profits, and businesses across the globe.