Section 508 Testing


By Zack Poelwijk

People wonder if they can complete Section 508 testing on your own. It is certainly possible to do a limited amount of testing if you are familiar with the guidelines. Even then, you must be familiar with website hierarchy and with how your own site is set up so you can find code.

But for most people, Section 508 testing is best left to a professional or to a paid assistant in the form of website plugins that take some of the time-consuming work off your hands.

If you have access to screen reader software, plug that into your site. Then you can see how your site responds for users of this type of assistive technology. But again, fixing any issues that arise may be beyond your means.  

Automated Section 508 testing such as what is done with the ADA Plugin helps a lot because the plugin explains the technological glitches and explains the steps needed to correct them. So even if you’re not technically savvy it gives you a headstart.

Also, because assistants like a plugin work behind the scenes, they’re able to do a more thorough test in a shorter amount of time than what a person can do manually. If you’re interested in assuring that your website is compliant and don’t want to do Section 508 testing on your own, look into a plugin like ADA Plugin for help and support.

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