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Provide more value to your clients while simultaneously making the Internet more accessible for everyone.

Organizations are starting to realize the importance of making their websites digitally accessible. Not only does accessibility compliance ensure equal access to the Internet for all people, but it also mitigates legal exposure. 

Put your agency in the position to capitalize on this emerging market by joining Online ADA’s Partner Agency Program.

We Provide the Tools and Training

You Grow Your Business Oppourtunities

Exclusive Tools

Get access to all the software we've developed to streamline your accessibility work.

Accessibility Academy

We show you how to use the tools, perform accessibility work, and even how to pitch and bring on clients.

Certification Referral Commissions

After you help your clients get compliant, send them to us to get officially certified. We'll send you a referral commission of $1,500 per certification.

Remediation Referrals

After becoming an Accredited Expert, you'll join our network of Accredited Experts to which we send remediation leads.

Who's A Good Fit?

Online ADA’s Partner Agency Program is perfect for agencies and freelancers that want to grow their business by providing more value to their clients while also helping to make the Internet more accessible to everyone.

If you already offer website design and development, adding accessibility to your services is a natural fit. 

Start as an Agency Partner

Become an Accredited Expert

After you’ve been an Agency Partner for 3 months, you become eligible to apply to be an Accredited Accessibility Expert. 

We receive many requests from prospective clients looking for remediation work which we simply cannot fulfill ourselves. That’s why we are looking to build a community of accredited experts who can serve these clients.

Accredited Accessibility Experts are placed in our online directory and prospects who come to us looking for remediation work will be referred to the agencies in our directory.

Agency Partners

Accredited Experts

ABILITY™ | Advancing Digital Accessibility

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World Wide Web Consortium

What's Inside?

Accessibility Compliance Audit Platform

First, we deep-scan your website with our proprietary scanning software to check for the most common, lower level issues normally found on websites. 

All of this information is then compiled into a report that details all violations as well as our recommended steps to address each issue.  

The Accessibility Academy

No experience in digital accessibility? No problem!

The Accessibility Academy features comprehensive training to teach you everything you need to know in order to perform accessibility remediation work. 

This training includes best practices for using our tools as well as a breakdown of each individual WCAG guideline. 

We’re even going to show you the process we use to sell accessibility services including how we structure our clients and gear clients toward accessibility work. 




Once you’ve been an agency partner for 3 months and successfully become an accredited expert, you’ll be in the pool of agencies we refer clients to who are searching for remediation work. 

As an Accredited Accessibility Expert we’ll send you hot prospects who are looking to get their websites updated. You specialize in Shopify, Magento, or WordPress? Whatever type of platform you specialize in, we’ll send you those clients. 



When you send your clients back to us for certification we send you a referral commission for $1,500.00! Just a little thank you for doing you part to make the internet more accessible.

Anything Else?

You also get discounts on all our software and tools!

Get a 30% discount on all of our current and future software so you can offer them to your clients at a profit.