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Need to get your website WCAG or Section 508 Compliant?

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Online ADA makes checking your site for accessibility compliance a snap!


The Accessibility Compliance Audit scans your site for all accessibility compliance issues. That includes all code, images, alt-text, tables, and objects. 

The Compliance Audit helps you to easily meet Section 508, WCAG A and AA compliance. 

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How It Works


With the Accessibility Compliance Audit from Online ADA, making sure your website is completely accessible has never been easier to do or easier to understand. The cloud-based audit will scan your website for all ADA, Section 508, and WCAG compliance issues and deliver a detailed report. Then, you simply follow the recommended steps to get your site compliant. No compliance knowledge necessary.

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Step 1: Setup an Account

How many sites do you want audited? 1? 5? 10?  

Create a new account and select the number of Audits you need. 

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Step 2: Upload or Create a Sitemap

Tell the Compliance Audit which pages on your site you want scanned. You can either upload an existing XML sitemap or create a brand new one within the easy-to-use audit dashboard.

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Step 3: Scan Your Website

Hit the “Scan Now” button and let the Compliance Audit crawl your site, find accessibility violations, and compile them into easy to understand reports. 

All elements of your site will be scanned and reviewed for accessibility compliance. That includes all code, images, alt-text, tables, and objects. 

The Compliance Audit will then take everything it has learned and create detailed reports for you to review, clearly outlining what needs to be updated.

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Step 4: Get Your Report!

The Compliance Audit’s detailed report makes your life easier in 3 key ways. First, it creates a list of all elements in violation of accessibility compliance and displays each element’s code as it appears on your site. 

Next, it shows you the exact Section 508, and/or WCAG guideline that the element violates so you know why the element breaches compliance. 

Lastly, it gives you recommended updates to make to each element so that it will no longer violate accessibility compliance.

With the Compliance Audit from Online ADA, you don’t need to know the ins-and-outs of accessibility to make sure your website meets compliance! 

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Step 5: Update Your Site

Once you’ve received your report, you can start making updates to your site or simply hand over the report to your development team. 

If you don’t have a development team or want to talk to the experts, we’ll connect you with our Agency Partners that specialize in accessibility development work. 

After you’ve updated your site for compliance, we can independently certify your site as meeting accessibility compliance regulations so you don’t have to spend another second worrying about accessibility. 

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  • All Code
  • Images
  • Alt-Text
  • Tables
  • Objects

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  • WCAG A and AA Compliance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Section 508 Compliance

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Get Your Website One Step Closer to Accessibility Compliance by Getting Your Compliance Audit Now!

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Who Are We?


We started as a digital agency – primarily working in web design and development. Then everything changed for us a few years ago.

One of our clients was sued for having an accessibility non-compliant website, and we began the painstaking process of making their entire site compliant. It took us months just to read through all of the compliance standards and identify which elements on the site needed updating. And that was before we made a single change to the actual website! 

By the time we had finished, we knew there had to be a better way to get websites accessibility compliant. We had become experts on accessibility, so we decided to take everything we had learned and distill it into our Accessibility Compliance Audit. Now you can accomplish during your lunch break what originally took us months to do. 

We have helped hundreds of clients across the US with their accessibility needs and now you can reap the benefits of our hard work. 

Get your Compliance Audit now and see just how easy using it makes updating your site for accessibility.

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