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Web Developers and Agencies:

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You could easily add six figures to your annual income by offering accessibility compliance services – No prior compliance knowledge required!


Are you sick of bidding web development and marketing contracts? It’s so highly competitive and client management is barely worth it. By the time it’s all said and done, you end up getting underpaid while over-delivering.

Sidestep that competitive market and start offering accessibility compliance where development earns $160 – $220 an hour! Plus closing clients is a piece of cake because it’s an under-served market.

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Businesses are getting sued for non-compliance


Starting in 2018, the federal government required ALL BUSINESS websites to be compliant for digital accessibility. This has opened the door to predatory litigation.

Now, businesses all across the country are searching for help with accessibility compliance and they need your help! Banks, credit unions, school districts, golf courses, grocery stores – They are all scrambling to get digitally compliant.

How easy is it to deliver this service?

We’ve built a cloud-based Accessibility Compliance Audit service that scans sites for compliance violations and delivers a detailed report that can be used to create an estimate for your clients or prospects. The report shows you the specific code issues that need to be updated and why… essentially making you the expert – no previous accessibility knowledge required! Simply estimate how long each task will take your development team to complete and deliver it right to your client. 

Sign up for a free account now and see how easy it is to use the Compliance Audit!

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This cloud based scanning service checks all code, images, tags, tables, and objects. It even checks color contrast ratios and shows you how your website looks for people with varying types of color blindness.

Sign up for a free account today and you’ll get the Digital Accessibility Compliance Checklist and Guide too. Learn what compliance terms and issues you need to be aware of and how to get your websites certified as compliant.

There’s even more potential to earn income through compliance certification. We’ll show you how!

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Who Are We?


We started as a digital agency – primarily working in web design and development. We are all too familiar with the struggle for business that most digital agencies confront. Then everything changed for us a few years ago.

One of our clients was sued for having an accessibility non-compliant website, and we began the painstaking process of making their entire site compliant. It took us months just to read through all of the compliance standards and identify which elements on the site needed updating. And that was before we made a single change to the actual website! 

By the time we had finished, we knew there had to be a better way to get websites accessibility compliant. We had become experts on accessibility, so we decided to take everything we had learned and distill it into our cloud-based Accessibility Compliance Audit. Now you can accomplish during your lunch break what originally took us months. 

We have helped hundreds of clients across the US with their accessibility needs and now are looking to help digital agencies and developers like we once were. 

Sign up for a free account now and see just how easy using the Accessibility Compliance Audit is.

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When you sign up for a Compliance Audit account from Online ADA, we’ll send you this checklist and guide which is full of useful information to help you in your quest to achieve accessibility compliance for your website.

The guide is full of tips and information on how to retrofit your website, your vulnerability to lawsuits, how to create an accessibility plan, and the advantages of getting your site officially certified as accessibility compliant.

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