The Compliance Audit from Online ADA


Scan and Update Your Entire Website for ADA, Section 508, and WCAG Compliance in Just Minutes

Get detailed reports any developer can use to update your website.
No compliance knowledge needed!

We’ve spent years developing a suite of tools so you can do in just a few minutes what used to take compliance experts months – without needing to know the ins-and-outs of ADA, Section 508, and WCAG compliance.

Whether you’re new to accessibility or are a compliance expert, this audit is for you.

Think of the time and money you’ll save and the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that your site has been thoroughly scanned for all elements in violation of accessibility compliance and that you have been presented with the exact steps you need to take to achieve compliance.

Every day that you don’t work towards achieving accessibility compliance leaves you vulnerable to predatory litigation. Taking action now helps to protect your business. Don’t wait another day to get the Compliance Audit.

Who Is This Audit For?

Business Owners. Marketers. Developers. Digital Agencies. Designers.

Per 2017 federal regulations, EVERY website needs to meet accessibility compliance.
If you have a publicly available website, you need this audit to help protect yourself from predatory litigation.

We were once like you…

Frustrated and overwhelmed by the strain of trying to make our websites accessibility compliant but not having a clue as to where to start.

It took us months just to read through all of the compliance standards and identify which elements on our sites needed updating. And that was before we made a single change to our websites! Needless to say, it was a lengthy, intensive, frustrating process.

By the time we had finished, we were so distraught by how difficult it was and believed there had to be a better way.

We had become experts at making websites accessibility compliant, so we decided to take everything we had learned and distill it into our Compliance Audit. Over the last few years, we have refined, updated, and expanded our audit until it became the hands-down best accessibility tool available today. Now you can accomplish what originally took us nearly a year in less than a week.

We have helped hundreds of clients across the US with their digital accessibility needs and you can reap the benefits of all our hard work.

Making your website accessibility compliant has never been more straightforward or easier to understand.

Streamline Your Accessibility Compliance

It scans your entire site so you don’t have to manually comb through source code.

It guides you, step-by-step so you don’t have to know all the meticulous ins-and-outs of accessibility compliance.

It shows you the exact steps to achieving compliance so you don’t have to worry about missing something.

Get Accessibility Compliant in 5 Easy Steps

1. Create or Upload Your Sitemap

Declare which pages on your website you want scanned for accessibility compliance. Upload your existing sitemap or easily create one from scratch through the audit dashboard. 

2. Receive Detailed Reports

The audit alerts you to any compliance issues and displays the exact requirements relevant to each object with tips to help you achieve compliance.

3. Make Your Updates

Use your detailed report to start making the necessary updates to your site or turn it over to your web developer.

4. Re-Scan Your Site

You can re-scan your site as many times as necessary until no errors or warnings are returned. Verify your progress as you make updates to your site.

5. Get Independently Certified as Accessibility Compliant

Once you have completed all necessary updates to your site, we can independently certify that your site meets compliance, so you don’t have to spend another second worrying about predatory litigation.

The Advantages of Using the Online ADA Compliance Audit vs. Getting a Manual Audit

Using the Compliance Audit for Accessibility is hands-down the most efficient and cost-effective way to audit your website for accessibility compliance issues. This becomes especially clear when you compare how the Online ADA audit works with the more traditional way that websites have been audited.

With the Compliance Audit from Online ADA:

  • $87 for as many compliance audits as you want throughout the duration of your license.
  • Get every single word, element, and piece of code on EVERY page of your website scanned for accessibility compliance issues.
  • Know that all compliance issues on your site have been found.

With (other providers) typical manual audit:

  • Costs $3.5k – $20k for a single compliance scan.
  • Only page layout types on your site are reviewed, not the entire website.
  • Hope that all compliance issues on your site have been found.

A Few Brands That Count On Us:

Bethel School District
Horizon Community Bank
Jiffy Junk
3 Day Suit Broker


Every day that passes is another day that leaves you vulnerable to a threatening letter or lawsuit from a predatory law firm. The cost of making your site compliant is nominal compared to the cost of hiring a law firm and settling a lawsuit. Do not wait another day. This is the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Actively working toward accessibility is credible defense to mitigate litigation. The use of this audit has successfully helped to defend against predatory litigation for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make updates or improvements to the Compliance Audit?

Absolutely! We’re constantly on the lookout for changes in accessibility regulations which may require an update to the audit. Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and features of the audit.

Do you guarantee Acessibility Compliance?

We have made every effort in good faith to build a service that will help you achieve and maintain accessibility compliance for your website. We believe that if you regularly use the audit (monthly scanning or more often if your site changes frequently), follow its instruction, and make the recommended updates, your website should meet the requirements that the federal government sets forth.

Once you have used the ADA Audit to get compliant, we can independently certify your website as accessibility compliant. Our certification will give you complete peace of mind that your site has been thoroughly audited and certified as WCAG 2.0 compliant by the country’s leading voice on digital accessibility.

Does it work with any website?

The Audit will work with any properly coded website. If you have a technical issue, please contact us. Your license includes unlimited technical support.

Does this audit assist with WCAG 2.0 level A, AA, or AAA compliance?

As of April 13, 2018, this audit has been updated to address the Federally-required WCAG 2.0 level A and AA compliance. If you’re in need of the highest and most-complex level of compliance, AAA, please contact us.


When you purchase your Compliance Audit from Online ADA, we’ll send you this checklist and guide which is full of useful information to help you in your quest to achieve accessibility compliance for your website.

The guide is full of tips and information on how to retrofit your website, your vulnerability to lawsuits, how to create an accessibility plan, and the advantages of getting your site officially certified as accessibility compliant.