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Hosted by Shaylor Murray

“We actually got into digital accessibility by chance but once we figured out how profitable it is, it changed our agency overnight. 

In this training I’ll show the you exact process of how our agency 4x’d our web dev profits with digital accessibility.”

Provide more value to your clients while simultaneously making the Internet more accessible for everyone.

Organizations are starting to finally realize the importance of making their websites digitally accessible. Not only does accessibility compliance ensure equal access to the Internet for all people, but it also mitigates legal exposure. 

Put your agency in the position to capitalize on this emerging market by joining us for this free online training session.

Who's A Good Fit?

This is perfect for agencies and freelancers that want to increase their profitability, improve customer acquisition, and strengthen retention by providing more value to their clients while also helping to make the Internet more accessible to everyone.

If you already offer website design and development, adding accessibility to your services is a natural fit. 

100% No Cost – Seating is limited to 100 attendees!

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